Theatre Resources

Since this CRC website is not intended to function as a Portal, the only links provided here have specific relevance to this site. They are therefore limited to Partner sites, archival or encyclopaedic websites dealing with Canadian theatre, and major scholarly organizations dealing with modern drama.

The essays posted in this section are all authored by the Canada Research Chair or by his team. They have been selected to give in-depth analysis on aspects of modern drama, divided into two categories: essays with general themes - and essays focussing on a single playwright or major work.

The images, many of which are keyed to clips in the video section of this CRC website, are intended for quick reference, as well as offering descriptive commentary relating to specific areas or themes covered in the video section. These images are currently divided into 2 main categories: Masks - Street Theatre.

The glossary covers terms related to stage architecture, elements of performance, and drama as a genre, as well as some of the standard critical concepts generally applied to drama.


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