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Get Out and Vote Get Out and Vote [ 58 sec. ]

2004 — An activist organization presents dancers who use placards to persuade observers to vote in the upcoming federal election, and to inform observers of the issues at stake. The parade is here used to facilitate the political empowerment of the observers.

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Iraq Protest Iraq Protest [ 39 sec. ]

2004 — Marchers — one nude — carry banners stating "Canadian Corporations with Bloody Hands: End the Occupation in Iraq", "No Justice, No Peace, Resist Racism", and "No Pride in Deportation". Although primarily a carnivalesque, flamboyant event, Pride is also used for social activism.

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"Vulvic Phallus" Float "Vulvic Phallus" Float [ 31 sec. ]

2003 — This float is figureheaded by a topless Miss Liberty (wearing tight shorts, spreading her legs wide -- foregrounding the breasts, hips, and genitals hidden by the statue's flowing robes) and centerpieced by a sculpted conflation of male and female genitalia.

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Toronto Twirling Corps Toronto Twirling Corps [ 80 sec. ]

2003 — These marchers halt the parade, creating a space visible to both sides of the crowd, while using choreography to maintain this visibility throughout their performance. Their simple costumes are designed to resemble matadors, thereby appropriating another ur-icon of masculinity.

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World Trade (FTAA) Conference, Quebec City, April 2001
Performance techniques and the mechanics of Protest.

"Nix it, Don't Fix It"/ "Radical" Chants [ 1 min. 26 sec. ]

Choreography/costume usually associated with mainstream organized sports events is employed in the presentation of a chant calling for the abandonment of FTAA. (The chant also concludes using the rhythmic structure of a recognizable "rock and roll" standard).

Protest Chants
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