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Fruit / Banana Costume Fruit/Banana Costume [ 20 sec. ]

2004 — A fruit and banana costume associated with Josephine Baker and with African dancers from 1930's musicals is worn by a bearded white male — including a banana skirt which emphasizes his genitalia. This associates the parade with mainstream cultural history being infused with the parade's energy.

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Prime Timer Prime Timer [ 26 sec. ]

2004 — An elderly marcher who uses a walker to negotiate the parade route, wears a T-shirt that superimposes the image of a nubile young woman over his physique, thereby subverting stereotypes related to the gender identification and sexuality of aged people.

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Rainbow Canadian Flag Rainbow Canadian Flag [ 16 sec. ]

2004 — Marchers display a banner utilizing the pattern of the Canadian flag, and the colour scheme of Pride's Rainbow Flag. By conflating Pride's identity with Canadian national identity, it is asserted that the gay community is integral to the national community.

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Witchcraft [ 1 min. 2 sec. ]

2004 — Dancers are dressed in beautiful costumes of purple, silver and black — colours which represent witchcraft and the power to transcend and move us towards good.

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Hocus Pocus [ 50 sec. ]

2004 — Magic and wizardry are employed by a prancing skeleton wizard who attempts to mystify an enthralled audience by inviting them to suspend their disbelief and become temporary believers in the power of his hypnotic spell.

Hocus Pocus
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Blue Devils [ 43 sec. ]

2004 — Dancers of varying ages and ethnic backgrounds in blue devil costumes are accompanied by banner which proclaims them "Mas-K Raiders of the Lost Art" — identifying their performance as an homage to pagan religious rituals that are no longer extant, and parodying Hollywood concepts of archeology and religion.

Blue Devils
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