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Pride Queen Pride Queen [ 1 min. 38 sec. ]

2004 — A regal Pride Queen perched high in a red Thunderbird convertible waves to her adoring subjects as a chorus of singing Martha Stewarts attired in prison garb warn of the woes of insider trading.

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Fairy Fairy [ 16 sec. ]

2004 — Even once-homophobic insults, when safely outdated, can be subsumed as a now iconic symbol of Pride, presenting perhaps the most archetypical drag costume of all.

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Stilt Walker Stilt Walker [ 30 sec. ]

2004 — Stilt-walkers wear short loincloths which do not conceal huge, artificial silver genitals, Leather chaps and cowboy hats complete these costumes, representing the conflation of a popular icon of masculinity — the cowboy — with the extravagance and kitsch of the Pride parade.

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America Float [ 52 sec. ]

2004 — A dancer in Eagle Costume tows a collage representing components of the Manhattan skyline (Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Brooklyn Bridge) surrounded by dancers waving the American flag and dressed in burlesques of military uniforms.

America Float
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Man Dancing [ 1min. 8 sec. ]

2004 — Dancer accompanying America float performs an improvisational dance wearing a burlesque of a U.S. military uniform, featuring gold, red, and blue fur trim. These suggest an appropriation of the icon of U.S. militarism for purposes of subversion rather than celebration.

Man Dancing
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