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Dorothy in Red Slipper Dorothy in Red Slipper [ 9 sec. ]

2004 — Pride is identified with gay icons by a participant dressed as Dorothy, who drives a wheelchair that looks like a ruby slipper. This simultaneously asserts an icon of gay culture while infusing it with the kitsch associated with the parade.

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Proud Cops Proud Cops [ 52 sec. ]

2004 — A female Police Officer holding hands with another woman is followed by a police car adorned with the Rainbow Flag, accompanied by a Senior Police Official who greets observers. This characterizes the Toronto Police as enthusiastic participants in Pride Day (in contrast to their history and to the Bathhouse raids out of which the Pride Parade originated).

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Exotica [ 1 min. 11 sec. ]

2004 — A fiery wizard places his young dancers in a trance-like state as they perform a dance which builds to a frenzy driven by west African Jimbay drums — their unique design provides an unparalleled tonal range for a single percussion instrument.

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Baby Powder Effect [ 9 sec. ]

2004 — Dancer dressed in burlesque of U.S. military uniform shakes a bottle of baby powder while he is dancing, implying a comment on the interests served by the U.S. military by making his skin appear to be lighter than it is.

Baby Powder Effect
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Line-up For Outhouse [ 13 sec. ]

2004 — Caribana dancers spontaneously dance to the beat of the music on the loudspeakers while waiting in line to use the outhouse, suggesting the extent to which the Carnivalesque atmosphere of the event completely pervades all of the activities surrounding it.

Line-up For Outhouse
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Pre-Parade Warm-up [ 13 sec. ]

2004 — Dancers informally "warm-up" prior to the parade as music is played over the loudspeakers at the staging area. The demographic composition of the dancers reveals that Caribana has evolved from its specific Caribbean festival roots into a multicultural carnival event.

Pre-Parade Warm-up
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