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Full Frontal Pride Full Frontal Pride [ 39 sec. ]

2004 — Full frontal nudity by these parading wearers of genital jewelry dispel the myth that all men are created equal.

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Celebrate Good Times Celebrate Good Times [ 50 sec. ]

2004 — Hot, muscular bodies clad in jock straps gyrate in celebration of gay locker-room encounters.

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Dykes On Bikes Dykes On Bikes [ 53 sec. ]

2004 — The perennial Dykes on bikes rev their engines and honk their horns in open celebration of lesbian pride to an affirming audience.

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Queens On Parade Queens On Parade [ 52 sec. ]

2004 — Fashionably attired drag queens lead the way for a transsexual fairy princess who's stitch-marked breasts reveal her surgically-altered anatomy.

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Bikers Flying Rainbow Colours Bikers Flying Rainbow Colours [ 30 sec. ]

2003 — Motorcyclists (many of them female) at the beginning of the Pride Parade are dressed in normative "biker" costume while flying the Rainbow Flag (the Pride Parade banner) instead of recognizable biker gang colors -- thereby appropriating an ur-icon of masculinity.

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Nude Men with Jewelry Nude Men with Jewelry [ 63 sec. ]

2003 — Nude marchers of different physical types and characteristics subvert normative conventions of propriety (publicly celebrating full frontal nudity) and of the idealized male body (many of them are overweight, one has suffered a rupture, others wear jewelry on their genitals).

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Cobra Float [ 46 sec. ]

2004 — The majesty of this towering king cobra float captures audience attention through its brilliant use of colour and superb craftsmanship.

Cobra Float
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Fire Bird [ 37 sec. ]

2004 — Indians believe that the Firebird originated at the beginning of time: the Firebird was forged from the fires of creation, and has come from another time and space. The front panels are a reflection of the sun and stars, emphasizing the Firebird's celestial origins.

Fire Bird
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Old Man Of The Sky [ 1 min. 4 sec. ]

2004 — Ancient Peruvians worshipped nature. They believed that the Old Man of the Sky made the sun, moon, stars and other gods, as interpreted by this spectacular costume.

Old Man Of The Sky
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Artistry [ 35 sec. ]

2003 — The various arts -- music, dance, and painting -- are represented through a variety of colourfully costumed dancers performing to the sound of driving carnival music.

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Sun King [ 26 sec. ]

2003 — Carnival inverts roles: everyday people become kings and queens for a day. The body paint of this Carnival King accentuates and celebrates the human form.

Sun King
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Coral Boy [ 24 sec. ]

2003 — Children participate in Caribana's street theatre: a young boy represents the enchanting aquatic world with his beautiful costume and fluid movements.

Coral Boy
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Montage [ 40 sec. ]

2003 — Caribana Queens in ornate float-like costumes, followed by a Native Indian Princess, and a young boy in an elaborate insect costume provide an interesting variety of street spectacle.

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World Trade (FTAA) Conference, Quebec City, April 2001
Performance techniques and the mechanics of Protest.

Banner Shots Banner Shots [ 13 sec. ]

Applying puppet techiniques and poster presentation: street protestors use cut-out figures of riot police juxtaposed against placards which proclaim their right to peaceful assembly and association, to dramatize their claim that "Democracy is a Trojan Horse".

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Archetypal Costume Archetypal Costume [ 20 sec. ]

Miss Liberty is presented with torch extinguished. Attached is a large banner presenting planet Earth positioned above a smaller, upside-down U.S. flag, visually aligning the call for equality and fraternity on Miss Liberty's book with global resistance to U.S. hegemony.

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Guerilla Mask Costumes Guerilla Mask Costumes [ 25 sec. ]

Protestors wave blank black flags while wearing scarves/baklava masks over their faces in traditional "guerrilla" style, which identify them with marginalized groups that attempt to subvert U.S. cultural hegemony utilizing methods other than those utilized by the organized cultural mainstream.

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