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Proud To Be Out Proud To Be Out [ 34 sec. ]

2004 — York University students march happily behind a banner which reads PROUD TO BE OUT, reinforcing the socio-political aspect of their participation in the parade.

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"Preacher" Chant "Preacher" Chant [ 56 sec. ]

2003 — Marchers display banners proclaiming themselves "Proud Anglicans", identifying themselves members of a prominent -- generally hostile -- church community, chanting "One, two, three, four, Open up the closet door, five, six, seven, eight, How do you know your preacher's straight".

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David Miller [ 32 sec. ]

2004 — David Miller — the Mayor of Toronto — appears at the head of the Caribana Parade wearing a garish Caribana shirt and begins to dance in time with the reggae music being played over the loudspeakers while waving at the crowd.

David Miller
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Flagman [ 29 sec. ]

2003 — The Flagman's sweeping movements and flamboyant dance with his brilliant red Caribana flag highlights the symbolic importance of flags to mark public occasion.

Flag Man
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