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Pleasure Players [ 1 min. 11 sec. ]

2004 — This band is led before the judges by an elegant float of gold and black, followed by flag bearing, caped dancers with golden headdresses, and ending with a small costumed child to add a final charming touch.

Pleasure Players
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Dancer on Cell Phone [ 43 sec. ]

2004 — The Caribana festival is characterized by simultaneous adherence to and disregard for the formal codes of choreographic and narrative representation. A dancer here makes a call on her cellular phone while still in the judging area with her dance troupe.

Dancer on Cell Phone
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Impromptu Dance [ 39 sec. ]

2004 — Marshalling techniques at the Caribana parade frequently cause lulls in which dancers must pause while waiting for the parade to proceed. Here, several dancers begin an impromptu routine during one of these lulls upon hearing new music over the loudspeakers.

Impromptu Dance
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Sunflowers [ 21 sec. ]

2004 — The lack of formal choreographic structure at Caribana is highlighted here by a troupe of dancers dressed as sunflowers — after leaving the main judging area some remain as active participants in the parade while others stop dancing/leave the parade route.

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