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Modern Theatre in Context: Copyright Statement

The Chronology of Modern Theatre in Context is a non-profit site specifically designed to further study and research in theatre. It contains many images. These are included solely for educational purposes in a format [72 dpi] intended to preclude downloading for other uses; and you should be aware that these images may still be within the exclusive rights of a copyright owner, so that reproduction, publication or any other use made of may constitute an infringement of copyright. With regards to educational content and information provided on the Internet we support an open policy for content and information provided on the Internet. However, currently the use of images in Internet resources is a matter of debate and discussion, and we are making a good-faith effort to obey Canadian copyright law.

We regret that in the case of some entries, authorship and copyright ownership details are missing or could not be confirmed. We hope, in accordance with Section 14.1(1) of the Copyright Act, R.S.C. 1985, c. C-42, to attribute authorship to all creators whose work has been digitally reproduced for the purposes of this collection. Please contact us at info@moderndrama.ca if you wish your name to be associated with any work contained in this database as its author, or if you have information concerning the authorship or copyright ownership of any such work.


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