Christopher Innes - Essays & Lectures


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"Indian Images/Cultural Connections" -- for IFTR, Jaipur, January 2003

"Squaring the Circle: Quantum Physics, Chaos Theory and Contemporary Drama" -- for University of Buckingham, November 2002

"From Broadway to Main Street", University of Toronto, February 2001 Broadcast TVO, "Big Ideas" Program, April 2001 (rebroadcast, June 2001, March 2002)

"Images of Hamlet: Text to Film", Osaka University (Japan), October 2000

"Staging America: The Image of the Future and the 1940 World's Fair", ASTR, Minneapolis, November 1999

"Crossing Cultures in Canada: Tompson Highway and Robert LePage", Inaugural Address, Institute for Canadian Studies, Würzburg Universität, June 1997

"Anyone for Cricket? Playing the Game in Modern British Drama", Johannes Gutenberg Universität, Mainz; & Saarbrucken Universität: July 1996

"The End of History - and After: the politics of drama today", Humbolt University, Berlin: June 1995

"Critics, Canons and Sacred Cows", Wayne State University, September 1994

"Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Weill and Cabaret", for Berlin! Berlin! Program, University of Sydney: May 1992

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